TurnAbout Songs I and II

TurnAbout Songs was a week long school whose main goal was to help young children (ages 6 to 13) sight-read music, sing in tune and become more confident in their every day lives. TurnAbout Songs had classes in music, tap dance, and art taught each day by experts in their fields.


New children, ages 6-8 make up TurnAbout I. Returning students between the ages of 6 and 13 make up TurnAbout II. Class I is the morning session, Class II the afternoon. Each class has a maximum of 20 students. The children are involved in al the classes each day, learning to sing and tap dance and participating in wonderful art activities.


Music – Each day students began and ended in music class. They learned a variety of skills from sight singing to simple composition to presenting ideas to the class. This was all done in a nurturing environment.

Art – Students explored their creative sides in a daily art class. They studied several styles of art and get their hands dirty. Past projects were glass painting, tie-dying, and flower pot pens, among others.

Dance – Participation in tap class rounded out the day and allowed students to get up and move! Students were instructed in beginning tap dance. They needed no prior training and left with some early skills. They even performed for parents at the end of the week.